Hello there and welcome to my ABOUT ME page.
If you hadn't guessed already, my name is Paula Pace and I am a wedding makeup artist based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear but also covering Newcastle. Northumberland, County Durham, Darlington, and North Yorkshire areas.
I guess you could say my makeup training began when I was about 5 years old. My grandmother always had lots of makeup courtesy of her  Avon lady  Elsie Trusty,  who would visit every 2 weeks for a cuppa,  then display all the latest lip colours.
Now, as a little girl, (and where my makeup obsession began) this was like being presented with lovely paints in all sorts of colours and textures and better still, they went all over your face. - glorious!  Needless to say, everything had to be carefully hidden from me. but those naughty little grabbing hands didn't stop me from discovering a brand new, expensive  Estee Lauder gift set,  (carelessly) hidden under heavy blankets in her wardrobe (nice try Nana)  Now just imagine that little 5-year-old, wearing an oversized pink sequinned, ballroom dress, silver glittery oversized shoes and every single colour in that makeup box all over my face and happily tap dancing on her table.  That was me. (Take me back)
As for the box - completely ruined.  
(sorry nana!!!)  
Teenage opened the makeup door for me and Boots 17 (twilight teaser ) Cutex,(blueberry lipstick) Bourjois (too much lovely to name) Constance Caroll (candy floss) Gallery (their messy metallic version of Arabian Glow) Miss Selfridge (Iron lady)  were the brands  I spent all my pocket money on.      Then, using inspiration from the makeup books I got for Christmas and the free 'how to' video's from Looks magazine (Charlie Green), I would plaster my friends in my hauls, with just a touch of blue mascara Unforgivable?  Hey, we had poodle perms to deal with too!
From school, I went straight to South Tyneside College (no local colleges here at the time)  and studied Beauty Therapy full time for two years and almost  threw in the towel in towards the end, due to  full-on, anxiety-inducing exams and a whole book of assessments to complete (the sheer stress!!!) But I did pretty well in my exams and from there I landed myself a full-time position in Fenwicks Beauty Salon and conquered my shyness.  From there,  I worked in a salon in Sunderland.  And from there,  I took the opportunity of going it alone and working for myself at the tender age of 19.  No more work do's,  secret Santa's or works Christmas parties. But I did manage to build up a decent clientele and got to see most of the North East with my faithful A-Z.      From 2008, I decided to drop most of my treatments and focus solely on wedding makeup but with the occasional request to do nails for friends and family as a favour (once my speciality)
Anyway, here I am -  20+ years on, (okay okay, I'm getting on a bit) but I'm still doing wedding makeups and am still very much here in the North East and still loving what I do, which is making brides look as beautiful as they can be on their big day. 
I do feel particularly lucky that I  get to go all over the North East - and visit pretty much every venue our beautiful Northeast has to offer.  I continue to be impressed by Woodhill Hall and South Causey Inn which both seem to have something new every time I go.
  But I also love Ellingham Hall, Le Petite Chateau, Doxford Hall, Black Horse Beamish (views are just gorgeous), Derwent Manor and many others. 
An early morning drive up to Otterburn is often like pure therapy if I catch a breathtaking sunrise.
I am very local to Lumley Castle, Ramside Hall, Seaham Hall and Hallgarth Manor.
 I hope this has given you a little insight into me,  my career and my experience.
Please do get in touch if you would like me to be part of your big day - 2022/2023 is looking quite busy already, thanks to the postponement of weddings due to the Covid Pandemic - so don't leave it too late.
If you need a fantastic wedding hairstylist for your big day, please have a look at my good friend
We have worked together for years doing weddings as a team.
Thanks for reading and I  do hope to see you soon
Paula xxx