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The Prom.....

I have been meaning to write another blog - but Christmas came along and then January (the big come down) and I just haven't been inspired to write anything at all. Then a few ideas came along at once.

So I will start this blog on Proms.

I don't have a daughter - just 2 lovely boys and the eldest has insisted he won't be attending his prom, so I won't experience the super excitement that the mother of a prom atendee will feel. All I can do is apply makeup to prom girls and beautify these beautiful young ladies and watch their mums burst with pride. I guess it's just a little insight of how they are going to feel on their daughter's wedding day and the whole run up to the prom is almost identical to the stresses of a wedding. I have seen mothers more stressed for the Prom than mothers of brides. Relax...its all good!!!

Starting with the dress....I imagine this is the most stressed over topic that the teenagers go through. I expect it's hard to make sure your not dressed the same as someone else and the planning must take some Whatsapp pings from the start of the year.

A lot of salons now offer complete Prom packages including hair, nails, spray tans, makeups, lashes, the whole shebang! However, I just come to the house to do the makeup once they are all working the tans and hair styled like a movie stars.

I love the way the whole family take part and come and see their neice, daughter, granddaughter or sisters off to this big ocassion - its a wonderful moment. During the makeup the texts are going crazy - you can feel the excitement - the day is finally here!!! I'm only jealous I never got to wear the dress and get glammed up myself!!!!

I usually do a trial - this is to ensure that there won't be any allergies to anything I have used and that she is happy with the makeup look we have gone for. I usually consider the colour of the dress and try to feature this in the makeup. I'm not a big fan of an overly made up face when they don't need it - however, I can do any makeup that is asked of me - but there will be a compromise. I like to make the girls as beautiful as they can be - remember the trends now will make you wonder what you were thinking in 10 years time. I want the girls to look back and think they looked amazing.

I also do nails, brows and eyelash extensions if required - but I have given up spray tans now.

Prom prices are £35 which includes airbrush makeup and lashes and trials are £25. (if you need to know more on airbrush - I shall be blogging soon about it.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of images for Prom girls as its usually a hurried event where she runs off to get her dress on, (stressed mum in tow) so here are a few I managed to snap or that I have been sent to me. Beautiful.

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