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Sometimes it's the little things...

One of the best bits of being involved in someone's big day is that I get to hear some lovely stories when I'm getting to know brides and their families.

I wanted to share one of the stories that sticks in my mind.

I did Ashleigh's make up for her wedding to Paul at the beautiful Matfen Hall on 5th December.

The morning was calm and relaxed, and we had a giggle. But before the make up was even on, the tears were flowing.

Ashleigh's most prized possession was a doll she had since she was a child. The doll was called Helen and it had been her constant companion wherever she went in her life.

Her family came up with the really sweet idea of making sure Helen was a part of Ashleigh's big day.

Ashleigh's sister, Lesley, who works in a school, asked to borrow the doll to take in to work. She then secretly had a bridesmaid outfit made for it, and it was presented to Ashleigh on the morning of her wedding.

Ashleigh was so emotional at the sight of her doll, which held so much sentimental meaning for her.

Luckily for me, the tears came before I did the make up, so it was all well planned!

Ashleigh's gorgeous niece, Annalise carried the doll throughout the day.

People can spend a lot on weddings, but I think that it's the personal touches and sentiments you always remember.

Applying the makeup to Ashleigh's sister Lesley.

Written by Michelle Robinson

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