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Can we talk filters?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Filters are now the holy grail to any image in the digital age. I always knew that magazines touched up images for the photo-shoots, that was a given, but to see people filtering the hell out of their own images to become a more acceptable version of themselves, I'm just not getting it. "Get with it, you are just old, everyone does it" ok, I am, but it causes a lot of problems for today's makeup artist. "For your trial, can you have a few images ready of makeup you like?" its a normal request when preparing for a brides trial. Imagine my surprise when I'm presented with those images and that they are highly filtered so that makeup becomes - virtually impossible. I'm good, but I'm really not a magician. For a few brief years, I questioned my ability. I saw makeup from a younger generation that looked so polished and professional, I thought I had my day. What did they do that I couldn't? What makeup are they using? Not once, did I question the use of filters? Why would someone retouch a makeup image they are showing to potential brides. Surely, that is false advertising. Cheating? Perhaps. A client who wears very little makeup and is wanting to look amazing like those images, are going to be confused, disappointed even. How come their skin doesn't look as smooth as paper - like the image they see?

The perfect example of a celebrity in a Filtered vs reality image

"I still have bumps - you can still see them" "There are shadows still visible, I thought they would be gone completely" "I still have lines" Yes, because this is the reality. This is the world in which we are seen day-to-day. There isn't the technology to follow us around with filters on our face. Maybe one day, there will be a product you apply that smooths our skins like freshly plastered walls but doesn't crack. Even then, we probably still won't be happy.

But as filters seem here to stay, we just need for people to understand that most images will not be true to life, and not to expect too much from a makeup artist just doing his or her best.

Another thing that confuses me is the word 'natural' as in natural makeup. Someone wants 'natural look' makeup. Great, that's what I like to create. And then, I am presented with the image of natural makeup, and it is anything but. Heavy dark eyes, 2-3 layers of thick foundation, thick false lashes, overly lined lips, and unnecessary contouring. Where did I miss the brief that this was natural? Yes, things have changed. But I keep to the tradition, my natural will always be natural, unless I am told otherwise. Less is, and still is, more.

Please don't think I am against the freedom of makeup, I blummin' love the stuff, cake it on, feel good, feel happy, experiment. But weddings are none of this. A wedding makeup has to stay traditional,

Highly filtered images

sure you can have heavy eyes, but as long as I know this, the vision is yours and the use of filters are altering people's perceptions. Our abilities come into question and that is, unfair. This image to the right, is edited. The skin has an enviable sheen, the skin looks like cream and caramel. Just stunning. But that image will not look like that in real life. You may not even like it all. Please ask friends for recommendations, those who have had certain suppliers so you can feel confident in your makeup. We want to give you what you want, but sometimes we need a little help with your vision. But be realistic, we can make you look and feel amazing, but we can't add a filter in reality.

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