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I like it hot, but I don't like it this hot!!!

Updated: 4 days ago

It’s a scorcher!!!

So here we are, in the midst of a tropical July, and feeling slightly unprepared for the heat but terrified to complain in case it doesn't last and we are plunged into a miserable summer ( it could happen)

We deserve this heat wave - we really do. BUT, and its a big but, it can make us pretty miserable when we have to do our job. In the beauty industry, this sort of heat can seriously affect our products. Leave your equipment in the car and you will return to spoilt nail polishes, melted lip colours and eye/lip liners. It also affects a spray tan application, the lasting ability of eyelash extensions and acrylic nails set up (drying as its going on is no fun which usually results in more work to correct)

I’m also not good when my temperature rises when carrying out the work. It does make for a beautiful day, but there have been times I have started my first makeup in a chilled conservatory, but by the 4th Makeup, I am a baked mess and struggling to string a sentence together.

Everywhere, makeup artists, beauty therapists, nail techs, lash techs and hair dressers have struggled with the heat of oven baked salons. We need air con - but next year we could have a wet, dull and pretty miserable summer. Such an inconsistent country for weather.

But what about the poor brides? Exactly? Good question How does a bride cope with such heat when we are not expecting it? I have been known to spray the refreshing airbrush over the face to cool off a hot flustered bride. I have stood fanning both mam and bride with a magazine whilst poor mum has been sweating away with the tie up dress, a double whammy if she’s experiencing annoying hot flushes. I just stay by, to blot on some powder and fan her down.

But what about the cakes? melting in the heat, and the flowers, drying and out and drooping, the wedding hair, dropping with the heat?

We have to work doubly hard, to ensure everything survives the heat wave.

The weather on the wedding day is like the toss of a coin. Torrential rain - we need wellies - sweltering heat - why didn’t we bring a fan, a can of magicool, factor 50 and a pair of shades???

Well, I go back to my faithful airbrush for it’s lasting ability, it’s heatproof application - the one product that will stay put in the heat without product break down along with prep products that hold back the skin’s natural oil production.

It does behave well and although perspiration will make its way onto the surface of the skin - airbrush will tolerate it well and dry on the surface without a run.

I do however, tell my brides to blot the skin with a tissue without rubbing (should she need to do so) and carry a little pressed powder to mop up any oil slicks.

Here’s a pic of me when I got cooked in a conservatory at the Black Horse, Beamish (gorgeous venue by the way) and was plagued by angry wasps. But I still managed to do a good job, she looked amazing in her tea length Mooshki brides dress, but I almost passed out after.

Short Tea Length Wedding dresses New York (

Wedding Venue County Durham | Black Horse Beamish Wedding Venue Durham

Airbrush Makeup – Flawless Airbrush Makeup by Dinair

The hot spot, drenched and being pestered by late summer wasps

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