• Paula Pace

Wedding Guests, of the four legged variety...

Please can I be a bridesmaid?

I have been in my element when I hear that the brides doggy babies are to take centre stage as a guest at the Wedding.

As a dog lover myself, this is a special treat for me.

Dogs are much loved pets and some families just don't want them to miss out. In years to come, when looking back at the wedding photographs, those dogs will bring an additional tear to the memories of such a special day.

Did you know that you can hire a dog sitter for the day? They will come and walk the dog and bring them to the ceremony, while you still have a wonderful day. How good is that?

The only downside for me (if you can call it a downside) is that I will be distracted by their presence and want to cuddle them, but that's ok.

There are quite a few wedding venues that welcome our doggy friends, so its worth looking for those venues. The two I know who definitely allow dogs, are South Causey Inn, and Alnwick Gardens.

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